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We at are passionate about giving our readers the best possible information about online gambling. As such, we do need to collect certain data to help us keep producing content that is not only helpful but also relevant to our readers.

This privacy policy has been compiled to help those who are concerned with how we deal with the data we collect. Please read it carefully to clearly understand how we collect, use and protect data in accordance with our website.

What information do we collect from people who visit our site?

As a disclaimer, rest assured that we do not collect any personal information that can directly identify you. We are proud to say we don't collect personal email addresses, phone numbers, or physical addresses.

That said, our website uses third-party services like Google Analytics to help us identify which content is popular among our readers and which ones are not. In not so many words, any data we collect is on the level of population and not on individual basis.

In compliance with The GDPR, we ensure that the information we collect is used solely for our website purposes. All users are allowed to block cookies from their internet browser if they choose not to be part of our data collection and use.